Pretty boring stuff I hear you say, however, I had never realised before now how many cars I have personally owned during my 30 years of motoring. Although not exhaustive, this list might well bring back some memories to some readers. Also, I wonder how many people can recognise what surely was one of the most attractive 4 seater, high speed touring saloons (the manufacturers words, not mine) of the 1950s and early 1960s (pictured above). Well, the answer can be found here also.

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Vauxhall Cresta PA Saloon
2.6 litre (1962 m.y.)
Vauxhall Viscount Saloon
3.3 litre (1972 m.y.)
Triumph 2000 Saloon
(1966 m.y.)
Jensen '541' Sports Car
4.0 litre (1956 m.y.)
Rover 3Litre Saloon
(1963 m.y.)
Jaguar Mk X Saloon
4.2 litre (1966 m.y.)
Ford Granada Ghia
3 litre (1974 m.y.)
Jaguar XJ6 LWB Saloon
4.2 litre (197??)
BMW 528i Saloon
2.8 litre (1979 m.y.)
Ford Capri GT Series II
3.0 litre (1975 m.y.)
Ford Capri Ghia Series II
3.0 litre (1978 m.y.)
Ford T-Bird (Anniversary)
5.0 litre (1985 m.y.)
Rally Mini
Volvo 760 Turbo Estate
2.3 litre (1988 m.y.)
The Cars of my dreams

Last but not least - The above
Mystery Car
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