Usually pronounced "Hew~ish" although I have come across "Hush" with the 'i' silent.

Now has its roots in Somerset, and is an established name for a number of locations in and around the S.W. of England. Three Huish hamlets exist in Devon, namely North Huish, South Huish and Huish itself (although the latter is centred around a church in a dead-end lane that has no signpost suggesting its existance). Then there's Huish in Wiltshire and finally Huish Champflower and Huish Episcopi, both in Somerset. The name also appears to have its origins strongly linked with that of Wales.

People with this fairly rare (and sometimes unpronouncable) surname seem to be scattered around the globe. My father for instance now lives in Australia, and on visits there I have come across other Huishs' outside of our particular decendancy. Then there is the US which has its fair share, some of which can be found on the web (just try and ignore the reams of one particular site that takes up an awful lot of entries, which I personally find one of the irritating drawbacks of the current search criteria).

At sometime in the future I hope to put a family tree in place. In the meantime, the farthest I go back is the turn of the 19th century when my Great Grandfather John Huish (of Somerset) sired my Grandfather Ernest Arthur Huish in 1873 in the parish of Weston-super-Mare in Somersetshire (as it was then called). Being the only Huish in this particular line having male decendants, I am fortunate in holding some of the family history regarding Ernest A. Huish to pass down to my sons in the future. Most of the history comes from his "Soldier's Small Book" which contains details of his service in both the "Royal Welsh Fuziliers" and the "Royal Horse Artillary".

As for me, well, I'm Paul Kenneth Huish, married to my bestest girl Fiona, who has given me two smashing sons, Oliver William and Henry Alexander.

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