What can I say about this beast. It was sadly in the rock bottom period of Ford's Quality drive, and to coin an 'Americanism' was the preverbial LEMON from the time I drove it out of the showroom at 'Route 128' north of downtown Boston, MA.. But when it went, well, it really motored. Guessing the speed from the digital tachometer was always fun since the digital speedo stopped at 75 MPH. Still, in retrospect it gave me 3 years of cheap motoring by UK standards, even at 16+ mpg (US gallon that is). Funny, whilst I was in the States, and based on the T-Bird's fuel consumption with a US Gallon at around 98 cents versus the UK Gallon at around £2.00, I roughly calculated that an equivalent car in the UK would have to return in the order of 48 mpg to be as economical as that T-Bird!! I still have the goodies that came with the car - Anniversary keys, key-ring, T-Bird history book and of course that 'Members Only' Anniversary T-Bird leather jacket.