I picked this beautiful JAGUAR MK 10 up from East London in a sorry old state. However, after spending many hours completely refurbishing inside and out (the respray I gave it was in B.R.G.- British Racing Green) it became one of the best cars I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Petrol consumption was a bit heavy, but after fitting a device in the fuel line, mpg went up by 10% (that is, I got 11 mpg versus the original 10). It was when I came to work on the engine that I realised what a beautiful piece of engineering Jaguar had developed in their range of engines, particularly being originally from a design engineering background.

To be perfectly frank I believe this (or its 420G replacement) together with the other Jaguars in the same time warp were the last real cars to come out of Jaguar for many years. They suffered terrible problems with their early XJ6s, and I should know, I was stupid enough to buy a Series 2 XJ6 LWB and what a mess that was!