For those of you still uncertain as to what the mystery car is, here is its predecessor, based on the Austin Atlantic, but with a model name more readily recognisable for their newer 1960s-70s model, which was of course called "The Jensen Inteceptor".

As for the mystery car, that is the Jensen '541R'. This fell in between the original '541' model and the last in the line '541S' model. See Jensen '541' for more info.

Jensen then brought out the stunningly beautiful 'CV8' (perhaps some of you might remember the TV series 'The Baron'). Finally, and sadly (since the end was nigh for the company) the last in a long line of interestingly different cars saw the introduction of the (modern) Jensen Interceptor. Of course for the perfectionists, one must not forget the Jensen Healey, but that's another story.

In the life of the company they pioneered many innovative features into their cars, for instance they were first to have disc brakes on all wheels, also first to have an all resin fibre bonded body and with the new Interceptor (although the first prototype was in fact a one-off 'CV8' bodied car) the first to incorporate the 'Ferguson Formula' 4WD concept in a production car.